Excavation of Columned Hall from Late Middle Kingdom

Several new areas were excavated down to the floor level of the columned hall. In the abandonment layer we found three striking clay figurines: A broken figure of a striding man whose eyes were incised in the form of wdjat – eyes, a female figurine with a tripartite wig and a clay cocoon with a headless female figurine inside. All of them can be dated to the late Middle Kingdom according to their archaeological context.

Striding man figurine made of unfired mud

Another new discovery was a seal-impression made with an institutional seal. This season we have found several hundreds of seal-impressions, mainly linked to the administrative activity taking place in the columned hall. Quite a few of them belong to the category of private name sealings.

Underneath Silo Si 316 more of the floor level belonging to the columned hall has been excavated. So far it seems that were was an additional room, probably with two or four columns on the northern side of the columned hall. The wall separating this room from the columned hall was found in a bad state of preservation. The excavation continues...