Old Kingdom Settlement Remains

Major clearance work continues at Tell Edfu in the area where we have identified the oldest settlement remains. This area lies close to the Ptolemaic temple enclosure wall and was covered by several meters of debris and rubble left by the sebbakhin and also by A. Barsanti, who cleared an area 15 meters to the north in order to place the decorated stone blocks of the temple wall he dismantled in 1906 (see ASAE 7, 1906, pp. 97-104).  We have already cleared a large area and are slowly starting to see the remains of the Old Kingdom settlement appearing underneath it. We will focus our excavation in this area next year. The aim is to find new information about the earliest settlement remains and the origins of the town of Edfu. The pottery we have found so far dates back to the 4th Dynasty but it is very likely that we will discover remains that date back earlier than that. The presence of the 3rd Dynasty pyramid in the vicinity and the reliefs in the Djoser complex mentioning the shrine of Edfu provide some indication that the town of Edfu already existed back then. The work has been tough for the workers since it is very dusty and it is a long path to the place where the removed debris and soil can be discarded.The Old Kingdom area at the beginning of the seasonThe Old Kingdom area after 6 weeks of work